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Hunted down (part 2)

Title: Hunted down
Author: Samara4
Rating: G for now, eventually NC-17 
Pairing: none for now, eventually a little bit of Adommy
Summary: Adam had begun his second national tour few weaks ago. Everything was just perfect. He was working with the same team he was working with during the first tour and all the concerts were already sold out. When he found out that there're some peoples who want to hurt him all his perfect life started to fall appart.
Disclaimer: It's called a fanfic for a reason...I don't own anyone of the Glamily, they all belong to themself!

Chapter 2

Adam was standing in the middle of the stage, looking at the empty venue in front of him. He was singing monotonously the lyrics of one of his songs. He was not really paying any attention to the dancers or the band members. The only persons he noticed were the two policemen talking with Lane at the entrance of the venue and few security guards standing near a door at his left side.

After Adam had been able to calm himself after the viewing of the tape, they decided to meet everyone of the crew and to talk about what happened. Neil and Lane wanted to cancel the concert, but Adam didn’t want to. He didn’t want the fans to pay for this. The policemen were agreeing with him, saying it was better to let the two suspicious men think they didn’t notice them yet. They thought it’ll be easier to catch them that way.

So they were doing the soundcheck. Adam was trying to forget about all of this and to concentrate on the song he was singing, but it didn’t work to well. He was still scared. He had heard some stories before about the kidnapping of some famous persons, like some princes, or president children. He had received some treating letters in the past, but nothing serious enough to make anyone think there was a real menace. But now it was different. Knowing he was probably in a real danger was freaking him out. Why someone would want to kidnap him or hurt him in the first place? For money? In revenge? He really had no idea.

He managed to finish all the songs and headed to his dressing room. He was followed by two security guards. Two body guards had being called and they were expected in the morning the next day. Adam knew them very well, because they spent some weeks with him during the international part of his first tour. He was looking forward to see them.

When he entered the dressing room, one of the guards passed in front of him and looked around the room.

“Everything is ok...Do you want us to stay inside with you?” asked the guard in front of him.

“No, I’ll be fine. I’ll take a power nap and get ready for the show.” Adam said while the guard left the room. “And I don’t think they will dare to come here...will they!?!”

“Ok, like you wish. But we’ll stay just outside, just in case you need us.” said the guard closing the door behind him.

Adam nodded and locked the door. “Just in case” he thought. He walked toward the couch in the middle of the room and lay down. The show will start in 2 hours, so he decided he had the time to get some rest and to try to relax before the beginning of the concert.

He didn’t know how he did fall asleep, but he woke up and he found himself still lying on the couch. He looked at his watch, 18h45. “I should go grab something to eat before the show” he thought. So he walked to the door and unlocked it. When he opened it, he found out that the security guards were not there. “They were probably bored to stay there or really hungry.” He looked around in corridor and there was no one else. He wasn’t hearing anyone either. So he decided to go on the stage to see if anyone was hungry or if they had left him something to eat.

When he arrived on the side of the stage, he was alone; no one around and no sound. “What’s going on? Where’s everyone?” he said to himself. At this moment he saw something moving in front of him at the back entrance of the venue. “Guys are you there?” he asked loud enough. But there was no answer. So he decided to go see by himself. He jumped off the stage and walked toward the back of the venue. It was darker than he thought; he couldn’t see well enough to distinguish his surroundings. When he arrived near the door he heard a noise behind him. But, he didn’t have the time to look because two strong arms grabbed him by behind. He started to struggle, to fight back, but he was not strong enough. He started to hear a bang, but he was not able to know where it was coming from. The arms around him were tightening so much it was like they were crushing his ribcage. He couldn’t breathe easily anymore. He felt like he was going to pass out and there was still the banging...

“ADAM” he was hearing a voice, a distant voice. He wanted to answer but he wasn’t able to catch his breath.

“ADAM” He felt the grip loosening around him and he fell to the floor.

Adam opened his eyes. He was on the dressing room floor, beside the couch.

“ADAM, open the door!” a voice yelled from outside de room.

“I’m coming!” he said after few seconds, standing up and walking to the door. He unlocked it and opened it to find himself in front of an angry Neil framed by the two security guards.

“What were you doing? It’s been a least 5 minutes than a banging to the door and calling you.” said Neil passing Adam and heading to the couch where he sat down.

“Sorry, I fell asleep...I didn’t hear you...” Adam sat beside Neil lowering his head. He was still shocked by the dream he just had. He was not in the mood to talk so he decided to ask straight “So, what do you want?”

“The cops told us they will try to find who those guys are with files they have on people well known by the police. But they think it won’t be very helpful. They are probably professionals.” explained Neil with a drear voice. He didn’t seem to be angry anymore, he was more like defeated.

“It’s really great!” Adam sighed closing his eyes and leaning down against the couch. “It’s probably mean they won’t get caught!”

“No, don’t think that way...” tried to reassure Neil, getting closer to his brother and slipping his left arm around Adam shoulders. “I’m sure they’ll find them. We added more security staff and John and Steve will be here tomorrow. You’ll be safe now, no one will hurt you, alright!?!?” he added without more conviction than his brother.

“Yea, you’re right! I should stop thinking about this and get ready for the show” Adam tried to sound calmed and relaxed but he didn’t think Neil bought it. He stood up and walked toward the mirror to start working on his makeup.

“Good! I’ll tell Mary to come to help you getting ready” Neil said leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

Mary was the makeup artist with who he was working with since few weeks. She was really talented, but a very quiet woman. He preferred his friend Sutan, but he wasn’t available for this part of the tour. “A least, I won’t have to talk too much with her....”

While washing his face, he tried to think only about the concert. He knew when he will be on stage, he will forget easily everything else. But for now, he was having like a twinge in his stomach and it made him remember that he didn’t eat anything since breakfast. He was not feeling hungry; he knew it was all the stress coming from the last events that was making feel like that. After few minutes, Mary and the costume assistant came in and they helped Adam get all glam up for his show.

* * *

The concert went really well. Adam was able to focus only on the good things. Excepted for the multiple security staff and the absence of the rockstar near the fences to sign autographs and meet the fans after the show, everything seemed to be normal for peoples outside Adam’s crew.

They decided to keep Adam and his bus here for the night. Everyone else; the technicians, the dancers and the band, were leaving and heading to the next city. Neil, Lane and a part of the security staff stayed with Adam. They concluded it will be easier to keep him safe that way. While everyone was packing, Adam had to stay in his dressing room. He took the time to take a shower and changed in clean clothes. When all the buses and vans were gone, he was escorted to his bus where Lane and Neil were waiting for him. They sat in couches around a small table and Lane served them something to drink. They talked about the show and a little about what happened during the day.

“Sorry guys, but I’m really tired. I need to get some sleep.” It was just past midnight and Adam voice sound weak. Lane and Neil knew he was really exhausted from the long day. They decided they should go to bed too.

So Adam stood up and walked to his room in the back of the bus. He closed the door behind him, took his jacket, his boots and his pants off and slipped under the sheets of his bed. He was on his back and was fixing a spot on the ceiling. He was not feeling good. He still had this kind of knots in his stomach. He knew he should have eaten something, but just the thought of food was making him feel sick. He turned on his side and closed his eyes hoping he won’t have too much nightmares during the night.

When Adam woke up in the morning he heard familiar voices coming from the front of the bus. He had few bad dreams during the night and woke up few time panicked. When he stood up, he felt the pain in his stomach again. He put his pants on and went to the bathroom. When he looked himself in the mirror he found his face worst than the morning before. He still had the big shadows under his eyes and his skin was pale, like he was sick. “I really look like a zombie right now.” He thought before splashing cold water in his face. After he had finish with his morning needs, he decided to put some makeup on to make him look more alive. After he was satisfied with his look, he headed for the kitchen where the voices were coming from.

Lane and Neil were there with two well-built men. The first one was a little shorter than Adam, about 50 years old, was bald with really small grey eyes. He had a big dragon tattooed on his right arm. His name was John. The second was taller than Adam, about 40 years old, whit short brown hairs and dark brown eyes. His skin was dark tanned and he was always wearing sunglasses, outside and inside. His name was Steve.

Adam went closer to give them a hug. He was really happy to see them.

“Hey Adam, don’t worry, now that we’re here, no one will hurt you!” assured John holding him firmly in his strong arms.

“Yea, except you!” breathed out Adam smiling. “I can barely breathe...”

John let go of Adam who was faking few chokes. Steve hugged him too, but more shyly. Steve wasn’t like John and Adam, he didn’t like to be touch or touching others.

“So, what’s the big plan?” asked Adam while they sat around the table with a cup of coffee.

“We talked to a policeman yesterday. He told us what they know and they will keep us informed when they learn more about those guys.” explained John. “We don’t know what they really want from you, but we won’t take any chance. We will do everything we can to keep them away from you.”

“You know, I don’t want to cancel any concert. So I hope it was not something you had in mind.” advised Adam waiting attentively for their reactions.

Lane, Neil, John and Steve all looked at each other. “Yea, Lane told us about that.” said Steve glancing at John who nodded after few seconds. “It’s fine for us, we’ll deal with this.” he continued.

Adam knew while looking at Lane and Neil annoyed faces that they were not really agree with his decision. “They just have to deal with it too.” Adam thought.

They were still talking about the concerts and the security when the door opened. It was the bus driver. He informed them that everything was done and they were ready to go. The driver sat behind the wheel and they hit the road for a 5 hours drive.

During the ride, they talked a lot about Adam security. They decided that from now, Steve or John, or both, we’ll always be with him. Adam won’t be allowed to go outside to meet the fans after his shows, it was too risky. He didn’t like that part, he knew the fans will be really disappointed about it and will start asking questions after few days. But everyone else didn’t really care about the fans reaction, they just cared about Adam safety.

When they arrived at the next town, they found out that everything was already ready for the show. They just had to do the soundcheck later in the afternoon. So, it means Adam had some free time. When he entered inside the building where the show will be done, he saw all his friends sitting on the floor in the middle of the venue. They were playing a game with cards, like they were used to do during free time. When they saw Adam coming to them, they all smiled and stood up to meet him.

“Hey Adam, I’m glad you’re still alive!” joked Isaac, giving him a quick hug.

“It’s not funny Isaac, don’t joke about it!” complained Brooke taking Adam in his arms and giving an angry glance to Isaac. Adam tried to smile, even if he was agree with Brooke.

“How was the ride?” asked Tommy giving a gentle kiss on Adam cheek. Now they were kissing and touching each other on stage, when they were backstage, they were used to give each other more affection than to the others. Even for their friends, it was totally normal.

“Weird! 5 hours of boring road without you guys!” answered Adam kissing Tommy back quickly on the lips. “But I had a lot to talk about with John and Steve, so it wasn’t that bad!”

“Yea, the two gorillas are back with us now!” teased Monte shaking hand with the two body guards. That didn’t bother them; they were used to the friendly atmosphere surrounding the Glamily.

After about an hour of teasing each other, they decided to do the soundcheck early; that way, they will have more time to have dinner all together before the concert. Adam had to go to his dressing room to put some of his stuff and John was with him. Before letting Adam go inside the room, the body guard took few minutes to check if everything was ok. When he was satisfied he signed to the younger man to come in.

Adam put his bag on a chair near a small desk. He saw an envelope with his name on it. He picked it up and opened it. Inside he found a small piece of paper, took it and read the note on it. Adam knees fell weak and he had to support himself with the chair. John saw Adam’s face fade and came closer to him.

“Adam, what’s wrong? You’re alright?” the body guard asked helping the younger man to sit down on the chair. “What is that?” he asked again noticing the white paper in Adam’s hand.

Adam wasn’t saying anything so John took it and read the note. A worried look appeared on his face. He pressed a button on the earphone his was wearing “Steve, you have to come here, we may have a problem.” He sat down beside Adam and gave him a comforting look.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. We won’t allow them to touch you.” even if he was worried, the older man tried to be convincing, but he didn’t know if Adam bought it.

About 5 minutes later, the door opened. Steve, followed by Lane and Neil entered the room.

“What’s going on?” Steve asked looking at the older guard anxious face. Without speaking, John gave him the piece of paper. He took it and he read the note aloud: “Don’t worry, we’ll see you soon again! And this time, we’ll get you!”

Adam closed his eyes, borrowed his head and tried to breathe normally. He was beginning to feel the pain in his stomach again.

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