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Hunted down (part 1)

Title: Hunted down
Author: Samara4
Rating: G for now, eventually NC-17 
Pairing: none for now, eventually a little bit of Adommy
Summary: Adam had begun his second national tour few weaks ago. Everything was just perfect. He was working with the same team he was working with during the first tour and all the concerts were already sold out. When he found out that there're some peoples who want to hurt him all his perfect life started to fall appart.
Disclaimer: It's called a fanfic for a reason...I don't own anyone of the Glamily, they all belong to themself!

Chapter 1

Adam was woken up by the new Lady Gaga song coming from his phone. He picked it up from the night stand and looked at the clock; 9h25. “Shit, morning already...” he said to himself. He looked at the caller ID.

“Hey Monte, what’s up man?” Adam asked with a sleepy voice.

“I should ask you the same question. We’re waiting for you...” Monte said sounding a little bit annoyed.

“Waiting for me? What are you talking about?”

“Breakfast... the hotel restaurant...9h00...does it ring a bell?”

“Oh...I’m sorry...I completely forgot...I’ll be there in 15 minutes”

Adam hung up and put the phone back on the night stand. He jumped off the bed and went straight to the bathroom. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. His hairs looked like a mess and he had black shadows under his eyes not only because of the eyeliner he wore the night before but because he was exhausted. “Great, I don’t even have the time to fix this!” He turned on the water and splashed his face with cold water hoping to help him waking him up. He washed his face to get rid of the makeup he didn’t bother to remove before going to sleep 6 hours ago. He decided to put a fine line of eyeliner and some hair gel in his hair. It was not as good as he wanted it, but it was the best he could do in that short time.

He came back near the bed. He was wearing the same t-shirt he wore last night and a pair of boxers. He took his shirt off and tried to find something to wear in his suitcase. He decided to take a pair of black tights jeans and a dark grey shirt. He put his skin snake boots on, picked up his phone and his black leather jacket, took a last look in the mirror, and with a sigh he headed out of his room.

When he arrived in the lobby, even if he tried to be discreet, he noticed stares toward him and heard his name few times. It’s not like he wasn’t used to it. He had begun his second national tour 3 weeks ago. He was well known in the US and in almost all the countries around the world now. But when he was looking like shit, he was always hoping to fall under the radar.

He headed for the restaurant and noticed his friends in the back. He walked to their table and sat on the chair next to Lane. Monte was in front of him. Cam, TommyJoe, Isaac , Brooke, Taylor, Sasha, Terrance and Neil were there too. They were all looking at him.

“You look like a zombie, man!” Isaac said with a smirk.

“Thanks Isaac! You’re really nice...” Adam responded with an irritated look.

“Are you alright Adam?” Lane wondered putting his left arm on Adam shoulders.

“Yea...I’m fine. I’m just really exhausted. I should not have gone to that bar last night and headed straight to bed after the show instead. I just need more sleep.” Adam noticed no one had food in front of them, just a cup of coffee. “Did you already eat?”

“Nope...Like I told you, we were waiting for you” Monte answered, angry. He was always like this when he was really hungry.

“I’m really sorry. I forgot to put the alarm clock on last night and I was still sleeping when you called.” Adam was feeling guilty. He didn’t like making people wait for him. “You shouldn’t have waited for me.”

Monte noticed Adam face and his expression soften. “Don’t you that you’re here, we can order something to eat!” Monte was smiling while he signed to the waitress to come to their table.

When they all finished their breakfast they all went back to their room to pick up their stuff and they all got in the buses. They had a 4 hours ride before the next town. So Adam decided to go to the small room he has on his bus and tried to get some sleep.

He was woken up by a hand on his shoulder shaking him gently. He opened his eyes and saw Tommy sat beside him on the bed.

“Hey sleepy head! We’re here!!!” Tommy said in a whisper like he didn’t really want to wake up Adam. “Do you feel better?”

“Yea” Adam responded. “What time is it?”

“It’s 14h35. So, it’s mean we have some free time before the soundcheck! “Tommy always likes having the time to hang around the town to see if there were interesting things to do.

“Great! Let see if everything is fine with the crew and the theatre first.” Adam got up and headed out of the bus followed by the smaller blond man.

They went inside the building and met the rest of the crew. They had a meeting with the director of the venue. After the meeting, Tommy, Cam, Taylor and Adam decided to walk around in the area before coming back for the soundcheck. When they were outside they noticed about 50 people screaming for them. But there were security fences around the doors and the buses to keep the fans away from them.

They started to walk toward the street and some fans, when Adam stopped. Tommy, Cam and Taylor turned around to look at him. Adam was looking for something in his jacket. “Shit, I forgot my phone in the bus. I’ll be back in a minute.” Adam turned around and walked quickly toward the buses, parked around 200 meters from there.

He unlocked the bus door and got in. He found his phone and got out. He locked the door and almost knocked against Monte when he started to walk while looking at his phone. He heard noises the other side of the bus, a bang and a kind of whisper, but he didn’t really bother him.

“Sorry Monte...Are you coming with us?” Adam said still looking at his phone.

“Nan...I’m just gonna relax a bit and help the guys with the boxes and stuff.” Monte responded heading to his bus, the one behind Adam’s. “Have fun!”

“Yea, you too! Later!” Adam said putting his phone in his pocket and going back where the others were waiting.

“You’re ready?” asked Cam when Adam was closed to them.

“Yep! Let’s go!”

After signing some autographs and taking some pictures with the fans they turned at the corner smiling and laughing.


While Adam and the gang were outside, Lane and Neil were making sure that everything will be fine with the security before, during and after the concert. There were some cameras around the building and one of the theater employees was showing them how they worked. After few minutes, he started one of the tapes. They could see the buses at the left side of the screen and some fans at the right side. They saw Adam heading to the bus and disappearing inside. And they saw Monte coming from the other side and heading to the buses as well.

“Can we see that again?” asked Neil keeping a scrutinized look on the screen in front of him.

The technician clicked on the replay button. After 30 seconds, Adam was back on the screen. “Oh my god!” almost yelled Neil his hands on his head, when Monte showed up again on the screen. “Lane, did you see that?”

Lane was not moving or reacting, she seemed like she was in shock. After few seconds who seemed like minutes, she turned toward Neil. “Call Adam...they have to come back now!” Her voice was shaking and she had a worried look.


Adam and Taylor were outside a coffee shop waiting for Cam and Tommy to come out. Some fans had followed them and they were chatting with them in front of the shop. They heard a Lady Gaga song. After few seconds, Adam realized it was his phone and picked it up without looking who it was.


“Adam, its Neil, where are you?” his voice was worried.

“I’m about 20 minutes away from the theater, in front of a coffee shop. What is it? What’s wrong?”

“I want you to go inside now and want you to stay inside. I’m coming to pick you up.” Neil said with a bossy voice.

“Neil...what’s going on? You sound like dad...” Adam replied.

“Adam, please, just listen to me. Go inside now! I’ll explain later...What’s the name of the shop?” Neil tried to sound more relax, but he failed totally. He was just so worried; he was hard for him to think straight.

“Ok, ok...It’s the Hide coffee Cafe. It’s a blue front shop. But I don’t know the street name...” Adam answered grabbing Taylor by the arm and walking them inside the shop.

“It’s fine...I’ll find it. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” Neil said before hanging up.

“What is it?” asked Taylor when he was inside. They both sat on a table near the counter where Cam and Tommy were waiting for the coffees.

“I don’t know actually...It was Neil. He was like freaking out or something. He told me to stay inside. He’s coming to pick us up.” Adam replied. He was becoming more and more worried. Is something happen at the theatre? Was Monte or Lane or the other members of the crew alright?

Adam was still lost in his thoughts when Cam and Tommy joined them at the table. They were both looking at him.

“Adam?!?! You’re alright?” Tommy asked between two sips of coffee.

“Yea, I’m fine. “ Adam said. “Neil just called me. He sound weird, like something bad was going on...”

“Don’t worry about know how he is...NegativeNeil!” said Cam with a smile.

“No, I’m sure there’s something else. He asked me to stay inside. He’s coming to pick us up.” Adam stood up and walked toward the windows in front of the shop. Outside, there was a group of girls, probably waiting for them to come out and a grey SUV the other side of the street. He noticed shadows inside the car, but because of the tainted windows, he couldn’t see how many persons were inside. He had a strange feeling, so he decided to get back to sit with the others.

After few minutes, the door of the cafe opened and Neil was there. He walked toward his brother.

“Thank god, you’re ok!” Neil said giving Adam a timid hug.

“Of course I am!” said Adam looking at Neil suspiciously. “So, what’s going on?”

“Come on everyone, in the van, now!” said Neil like he didn’t hear Adam.

Neil face was strange and he seemed to not want to talk about it. So they decided to do what he told them. They all headed out outside and toward a white van parked in front of the coffee shop. The ride to the theater was silent.

When they arrived, Lane, Monte and 2 policemen were waiting for them. Adam, Cam, Tommy and Taylor started to be really worried and they jumped out the van to find out what was going on. Lane went near Adam put his arm around his shoulders. “Come with me” she said. She headed inside the theater followed by the policemen. The rest of the group stayed with Monte and started to ask questions to him.

Lane leaded Adam upstairs in the technical room. She asked him to sit down on a chair in front of multiple screens.

“You’re scaring me...What’s going on?” Adam asked, worried.

“There’re security cameras outside and inside the building. This one is filming the area where the buses are parked.” she said pointing the screen in the left side. “The images I’ll show you were taking before your left with Tommy and the others. I want you to look on the right side of the screen.”

She clicked on the play button and after few seconds Adam saw himself walking toward the buses. A few seconds after, just before he unlocked the door, he saw a well-built man giving a head sign to another tall man a few feet away from the first one. They both started to walk toward the Adam on the screen looking around like they don’t want to be seen. Adam had disappeared inside the bus when one of the men took something out of his pocket. It was a small bottle and a white tissue. But Adam couldn’t see what was writing on the bottle. The other man had now something that looks like a knife in his hand. They were now about 5 meters away from Adam bus. At this moment, Monte showed up on the left side of the screen. The 2 men probably saw him because they hurried up to hide the other side of the bus. Adam appeared and he locked the door before knocking himself against Monte. Lane stopped the tape.

Adam froze. He couldn’t believe what he just saw. There’re 2 guys were really closed to him, and they didn’t seem to want something nice from him. When Adam didn’t react, one of the policemen stood beside him.

“We zoomed in to see what was in the bottle the man had in his hand.” the policeman said. “It was chloroform.”Adam looked up at the policeman. “We can’t be sure yet, but obviously, these men wanted to kidnapped you.”


Adam was feeling a cold shiver running down his spine. Now he was more than worried, he was scared.



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